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3rd Offshore Investment Funds Summit

Realizado em: 26/09/2013


Attending the 3rd Annual Investment Funds Summit, hosted by DMS Offshore Investment Services, will enable you to take away key learning’s about Raising Capital Offshore, highlighting investors expectations of emerging managers and providing valuable insights into the various types of structures available in the global offshore markets.

O Evento

Capital Raising in the Offshore Market

A Look into the Challenges, Opportunities and Structures of Offshore Funds

Brazil has been attracting the attention of the world investment community; the time has come to take up the challenges and opportunities presented. DMS Offshore Investment Services Brazil is hosting the 3rd annual Investment Funds Summit in São Paulo to provide an insight into the opportunities available for Brazilian and Latin American fund managers to set up offshore structures that attract international investors.

Join this event to hear leading international industry experts presenting the challenges and opportunities of‘Capital Raising Offshore’ and find out how to grow your practice abroad.

Key themes include:

-       Capital Raising in the USA and Europe

-       Operation Due Diligence, what is expected

-       The do’s and don’ts of marketing your offshore funds

-       What US and European investors are looking for in an emerging market manager

-       Insight from international investors

Read the full program here

If you have any questions about the program or would like to register your interest in speaking, please contact Francine Balbina on +55.11.2787.6213


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